We’re Baa’ack! Card Class

Hello friends, I have finally got off my keister (sp?) and scheduled a class. Being in a new area, I wasn’t sure who would be interested. I didn’t have classes here before so I didn’t know, off hand, who would come. So …. I didn’t invite any of my old […] Read more »


Hello Friends, I am contemplating making a change and want to know your thoughts. I am considering shutting my blog down and instead posting on my Facebook page only. There are pluses to a blog but I don’t think many people follow the blog as opposed to the number that […] Read more »

Getting Caught up

  We all get busy, right? You have work, kids, pets, chores, doctors appointments and extra curriculars. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and when I do, I feel guilty for doing something just for me – like making cards. Thus – I get behind periodically. Oh, I could go to […] Read more »