Carving your own stamp – Undefined



I wanted to share a video put our by Stampin’ Up! that shows you exactly how you can carve a stamp with exactly what you want. You can take any picture from the internet or even a school mascot – and carve a stamp to match. What? You’re not an artist? Neither am I, but we can both do it! Start with a simple image first. The more your practice, they better you will be. The person on this video is Melody Hyde and she is once of Stampin’ Up! Concept Artists. She is amazing at this and the perfect person to share instructions.

The kit is $19.95 and comes with blocks, rubber, carving tools and sample projects. All you will need is a pair of scissors, a pencil and a piece of vellum paper. The item code is: 134808 or click HERE to order. This is what the kit looks like:





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