Getting Caught up


We all get busy, right? You have work, kids, pets, chores, doctors appointments and extra curriculars. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and when I do, I feel guilty for doing something just for me – like making cards. Thus – I get behind periodically. Oh, I could go to the store and buy one, but really? When I have all the stuff here? Well, heck! Then I would feel guilty that the one person who got a store bought card would feel less loved because they didn’t get a handmade one! I swear if you do – it’s because of time, not love! Not only that – I do have cards, but I wonder if they are good enough to send or are they perfect for that person. (can you tell I have guilt issues? I swear I should be catholic!) In reality, people just want to know that you are thinking of them. The details, and the card, don’t matter as much.

So …. I am close to being caught up. And it feels great! I spent some time creating new cards. I also sent ones that I have been hoarding for one reason or another. So silly!

Take time for you to create. Send your cards that you feel are imperfect – no one else will think so. Make someone feel special today!

getting caught up



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