Lots of Changes …

Hi gang,

Lots of changes in the Fennewald house. As I mentioned, we were moving to Arizona. We are here but still in the thick of things. I see so many stampers creating and I want to as well! I just really can’t right now. This is the state of my craft room:

craft room chaos

Lots of potential, but no action here so far. My craft room won’t be the luxurious oasis that I had before, but somehow I think it will be better. It’s hard to see that now, but I know that I am lucky to have a space at all.

Last night was the first night that my husband and I were in our bed. There were no sheets but baby steps – can’t rush these things! LOL! I finally have the kitchen unpacked. Of course with my luck I will find another box in the garage or something crazy. This is the kitchen so far:


PS – that is a toy mouse on the floor. Nugget was playing.

Thank God none of my neighbors haven’t come to meet me yet because I can’t find clothes. I have a washer and dryer, but I have been wearing the same 3 shirts/short for 1 1/2 weeks now. Yikes! I went to Wal-mart today and bought 2 shirts just for something else!

All the aggravation is worth it though when I can jump in this

PoolOn a sad note, less than a week before we moved, my precious Maxie passed over to the rainbow bridge. I miss her tremendously and wish she was with us. Lots of changes for us and the rest of the furry kids we have. It’s been a tough few weeks – but we will be fine as long as we are together.


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