My name is Lisa, and I have an addiction

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Dang it all….. I have a problem. I loooovvveee Christmas cards.  Everyone loves cards, right? I mean you are getting a little piece of love in the mail when one comes your way. However sometimes I feel that maybe a card for St. Patrick’s Day or Valentines might be too much – you know for a neighbor or something.  My husband used to tease me about sending valentines to our mothers. “They aren’t your Valentine!”, he said. True, but I made this beautiful card and someone was going to get it!

Anyway – Christmas is a time I can share a card with any one I want and not be looked at as a weirdo. My addiction runs in the fact that I can’t stop buying Christmas stamp sets. They are all so pretty! Even ones I don’t care for – I see someone else use it on Pinterest and all of a sudden, I have to have it too.  I have sets that I bought last year that haven’t been used! As it stands now, I have 11 new sets that are in the Stampin’ Up! Holiday Catalog right now.


Yep! I have an addiction alright! I supposed I could be addicted to worse things.  Don’t get me started on the totally justified number of black shoes I have!


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  1. Wendy Carr says:

    Love you Lisa!!!

  2. Marilyn Amento says:

    Cards are a great drug, and you are one heck of a fun addict! I love your cards and your blog.

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