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As I mentioned, OnStage 2016 was pretty amazing. I have shared some photos of the over all event, but today I would like to share some of the swaps I received.

Swaps? What are swaps? At every event, demonstrators come ready to swap handmade cards or 3D items with each other. The goal is to share your ideas for a card using current merchandise so others can get ideas for their own business. Of course it’s just plain fun and you get to meet so many great people. Anyway, some people just do their own thing and make whatever they like. Others participate in organized swaps where there are certain parameters. For example there may be a swap where the parameters are: full card, no less than 4 layers, with 2 embellishments and have a masculine theme. Both ways are great and there is no right or wrong. I personally have never been in an organized swap because …well, I don’t like to commit to a certain number of cards. I get done what I can get done. Some ladies make hundreds. I usually cap out at 75. (this year I only did 40!)

Here are some of the favorites I received.

Swaps 1 of 5

Swaps 2 of 5

Swaps 3 of 5

Swaps 4 of 5

Swaps 5 of 5


My swap is the very last one. (with the lobster)

Some are my favorites because they are just so pretty! Others are because they are a style opposite from mine, while others are simple and cute – perfect for a class. If a gal has multiple swaps to choose from, I tend to get one made with product I don’t own.

My personal PSA: Swapping etiquette is that you accept anyones card that they offer. NEVER do you look at it and then say no. Everyone has different styles, taste and experience levels. Being kind is free!

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  1. Allison says:

    Woot woot. My card was in there. :). Miss u!!

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